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B2B Services

Be a part of our community and let us tell your story. We have countless creative ways of putting you in front of an audience of some of the most creative and intelligent people you will ever come to know. Our geeks are passionate early-adopters who lead their peers in both social media and their chosen local venues.

Branded Content Development

There is a story to be told about your brand. It might have something to do with aliens. It might not. In either case, it is fascinating enough to be sought after and shared across the social networks of today. Your brand will gain strength, numbers, and credibility through narration and delivery.

Video Series/Web Series Development

A video series can range from short “tip of the day” clips to an all-out narrative space drama with explosions and world famous actors. If quality is important to your brand, you will need a cast and crew who will represent you well and deliver on your budget.

Transmedia Storytelling/Alternate Reality Games

Entertainment doesn’t have to live on YouTube alone. Characters can blog, tweet, and engage the fans. Take your brand to the next level and immerse your audience in an interactive story worthy of headlines. Soon your fans will be collecting clues, visiting local venues, and using your hashtag to solve mysteries together.

Product Placement /Headline Sponsorship

We have stories of our own that are ready to be delivered to an audience of millions of geeks across our country and the world. This is the creative and clever community that we are proud to be a part of. Geeks are educated, explorative, and early adopters. Best of all, they are hungry for quality content that we can deliver together.